What Is a Special Event?
A special event is an activity that focuses on an important issue, such as child safety; celebrates
success; builds a sense of community; provides a positive activity for youth to participate in; raises funds; or educates and enlists the support of community members on a specific topic. A special event can be a party, an information fair, a carwash for charity, a child safety day, a race, a street fair, or a community picnic. The only limit is your imagination!

What Problems Do Special Events Address?
Special events address a variety of problems, ranging from lack of community attention to a particular issue to a need for alternatives to gang- or drug-related behavior. These events can also provide publicity for worthy programs or recognition for achievements. If under- age drinking after the prom is a problem, an alcohol- and drug-free postprom party provides an alternative. A walk-a-thon to benefit a local charity similarly heightens awareness while raising funds for a deserving organization, program, or foundation.
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