- Tiếng Anh là ngôn ngữ rất phổ biến trên thế giới, và trong công việc hàng ngày cũng được sử dụng khá nhiều. Hãy cùng tìm hiểu 13 nhóm từ nói thông dụng trong tiếng Anh nhé.
1. Showing examples (đưa ra ví dụ)
– For example
– For instance
– Such as …
– To illustrate:
Ex: To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little story :
Để minh họa cho quan điểm của tôi,để tôi kể cho bạn một câu chuyện nhỏ
2. Generalising (tổng quát, nói chung)
– Generally,
– In general,
– Generally speaking,
– Overall,
– On the whole,: On the whole,I think it is a good idea but I would still like to study it further.
- All things considered,
3. Specifying (nói chi tiết, cụ thể)
– In particular,
– Particularly,
– Specifically,
– To be more precise,
4. Expressing your opinion (nêu lên ý kiển của mình):
– In my opinion,
– Personally,
– From my point of view,
– From my perspective,
– It seems to me that…
– I believe that…
– It appears to me that …
5. Constrasting ideas (đưa ra ý kiến đối lập):
– However,
– Nevertheless,
– On the other hand,
– On the contrary,
– Nonetheless,
– Although……, …..
– ….while/whereas
6. Comparing (so sánh):
– ….similar to…
– Similarly,
– In much the same way,
– …as…as…
7. Adding information (thêm vào ý kiến):
– Moreover,
– Furthermore,
– In addition,
– Besides,
– What’s more,
– Apart from…,
– Also,
– Additionally,
8. Expressing certainty (thể hiện sự chắc chắn về điều gì đó):
– Certainly,
– Undoubtedly,
– Obviously,
– It is obvious/clear that…
– Definitely
9. Expressing agreement (đưa ra sự đồng tình):
– …in agreement that…
– …in accordance with..
– Accordingly
10. Stating the reason why something occurs/happens (đưa ra lí do, nguyên nhân):
– Due to…
– Owing to…
– This is due to …
– …because…
– …because of…
11. Stating the effect/result (đưa ra hậu quả, kết quả):
– As a result,
– Therefore,
– Thus,
– For this reason,
– Consequently,
– As a consequence,
12. Sequencing (thứ tự):
– Firstly,
– Secondly,
– Thirdly,
– Finally,
– Lastly,
– At the same time,
– Meanwhile,
13. Concluding (kết luận):
– To conclude,
– In conclusion,
– To summarise,
– In summary,
– In short,
– To conclude with -
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